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Better roads with
artificial intelligence

Receive an objective, updated overview of the condition of your infrastructure and optimize your maintenance plans

Pluto Roadsystems has, among others, been developed together with

Optimised maintenance

Studies show that timely repair can prolong the lifetime of roads with up to 30%. With an updated road condition report, you're able to prioritise such that repairs are made where the need is most pressing

your budget

Pluto RoadSystems

Take control over
‍your data collection

Place smartphones in service trucks like citysweepers and automatically receive data regarding the condition of the road through the routinely routes.

Updated data for decisionmaking
Fewer kilometers driven and less CO₂ output

Zoom in to get
all the details

With frequent high resolution images, damages can be assessed directly from the office and decision can be made more effectively within the organization.

Objective assessment for every meter
Early identification of dangerous damages

Zoom out to get
the big picture

Registrations are visualised on an interactive map such that the general condition of a region becomes apparent. Track the development and coordinate tasks.

Track the condition of your entire road network
Coordinate tasks across your team

Value for citizens and municipality

Install the smartphone
in the windshield of the car
Data collection
Drive whenever you
need updated information
Coordinate assignment
to be conducted
Get started in 3 easy steps

Start with just a push of a button

Images are collected from the app and transferred to the web map automatically via wifi. On the map, you can follow the data collection and view the registrations.

Contact for demonstration
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If you're interested in getting a better overview of your road network or if you have any specific questions
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Statement from Faxe Municipality

Click the video and hear how Faxe Municipality have experienced a better and more straightforward way of maintenance planning through digital registrations from images.